​​​​Hello fellow vehicle collectors and restorers. Some of you know me and my Candlelight Cream & Black ’66 GTO.

​​I am also the newsletter editor of Pioneer Valley GTO Association’s “The Diamond” and a member of GTOAA, Electric City GTO, the Yankee Chapter of P.O.C.I. in Massachusetts and the Six Nations Chapter of P.O.C.I. in Central New York.

I started this showboard business three years ago by doing one for my own car. I have since produced showboards for owners in NY State and Massachusetts. I attend shows in NY State, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Please click on the galleries to view some of my existing custom showboards. I look forward to producing a custom product for you to satisfy your particular needs. Thank you for reviewing my website and contacting me with your requirements.  

                                                                                     – George Disque

Mobile: 413-221-6450             e-mail: showboardsbygeorge@gmail.com